The Glorious Secrets of Sri Lanka Beach Hotels

There can be a lot of beaches in the world, each one is special and unforgettable, but one of the most places that you dream of must be Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka beach hotels will offer you the kind of holiday adventure that you only think to be present in the movies. Think of the powdery white sandy beaches and bright crystal blue waters at your doorstep. You'll find beaches like this anywhere in this teardrop-shaped island situated in the Indian Ocean. But I wonder why vacationers return to Sri Lanka for?

Deeper experience on your beach holidays

Throughout the Year, beach hotels in Sri Lanka will treat you to endless beach holidays mixed with privacy, fun, seclusion, excitement and adventure as well as an opportunity to experience the exotic culture of the country and people. You can have the ideal beach holiday on golden sandy beaches lined with palm trees, welcoming crystal blue Indian waters over the wet, tropical weather of Sri Lanka.

Sri Lankan beach holiday is potentially the most sought after holiday for today's busy travelers. If you want to get out of the hustle and bustle of the city and want something that can whisk you away in some dreamy beach spot, one of your top priorities should be Sri Lanka beach hotels. Choose from a wide range of beach hotels that offer fantastic views of sunsets and sunrises with luxuries that I thought only major cities had.

Sri Lanka endless beach coast

The best coast of Sri Lanka can be found in the northwest in Negombo up to Trincomalee in the Northeast. Here you can enjoy several miles of beautiful beaches; you can just get caught up in the magic of it. The coast of the Sri Lankan shore stretches to the deep southern part of the island.

The southern coastal belt offers travelers and vacationers a beach with plenty of beach pockets of amazingly gorgeous big, flat sandy beaches. Here you can find protected coves and lakes for swimming all year round. In all of the south coast, the best beach is possibly Bentota, but if you want to experience in water activities such as swimming, snorkeling and watching coral, the best choice for you is to Hikkaduwa.

While Sri Lanka boasts warm tropical weather throughout the year, the country's southern coast is affected from May to September by the southwest monsoon, so the best time to visit and enjoy the coast is from November to April.

Sri Lanka is one of the few countries that can give vacationers and travelers to explore deeper on their holidays to the beach. Forget about city life for a while and enjoy the sun, sand and beach without hassles and still enjoy the easy luxuries that Sri Lanka beach hotels can bring.

Peter Morello is an independent travel consultant specialising in custom and tailor-made tours of Thailand and Sri Lanka. If you want a luxury trip or pack a budget, I can do anything for you.
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