Argentina is an immense country in which life does not give to travel from North to South or to visit its wonderful landscapes and cities. Fortunately, we have received a variety of recommendations and tips for traveling to Argentina that have tremendously exploited our days in the region. So we could combine a little of everything to, at least, stay with the taste of their alfajores in places as far away as Buenos Aires, El Calafate, Iguazu, or the northwest of the country.

And if we talk about distant places we have to take into account the distances. Such a large country requires a good deal of time (and patience) to move from one side to another. If time is a problem (I would say less than 1 month to know the maximum) then we enter the economic field. You'll have no choice but to fly. More tips for traveling to Argentina below.

6 tips for traveling to Argentina

• Combine road trips with the plane
As we have been saying, distances in Argentina are almost stellar and, furthermore, ground transportation is not cheap, although it is of quality. It is worth organizing this point well according to the budget and the time available.

The distance from Buenos Aires to the city of El Calafate is almost 3,000 kilometers. Going by bus is an exercise in masochism for the time invested. It is also not cheap, so if you search early you may find a flight for a few euros more. We fly to El Calafate for € 100 each.

* Address in Argentina
As it happens with other countries when accessing the country it is necessary to indicate the address of your hotel or apartment. Customs agents do not request the physical reservation only a written address. Take one from home. It does not matter if it is a hotel or hostel even if it is not the place where you are going to stay.

We did not have that information because we stayed at the House of some friends who came to pick us up at the airport and when passing the passport control, Have they come to Argentina and don't know where they're going to stay now? the Lord called our attention. ”. Something similar happened to us in Mexico... we didn't learn!

The Iguazu Falls
* The southern summer
One of the reasons we started our trip to South America was because we started the tour during the month of January. We arrived in Argentina in early February, in the middle of summer. The south of Argentina seemed to us a beautiful but cool place during its summer (our European winter), so we do not want to imagine it during the months of July and August. It must be very cold!

The seasons of high season in Argentina are two. The months of January and February, as it is when the best temperature is, and the months of July and August as they coincide with the boreal summer. We spent some cool in El Calafate and El Chaltén, two places where you always have to wear a coat.

Tips for traveling to Argentina
* Evil of height blessed coca leaves!
Point out this tip for traveling around Argentina. If you continue from the city of Salta (1,200 meters) to the border with Bolivia, you can get a bag of coca leaves. The city of Purmamarca, in the province of Jujuy, is located above 2,400 meters of altitude and Humahuaca above 3,000 meters.

At this point, we began to notice the first symptoms of altitude sickness or soroche, headache, and acceleration of pulsations when we made some effort. In the city of La Quiaca, almost 3, 500 meters, the discomfort intensified and we even suffered a little from the stomach. Here we met the bitter leaves of Koca that helped us relieve the discomfort.

* Take a little caution in Buenos Aires
Argentina seemed to us a very safe place. We can only suggest caution in Buenos Aires and other major cities such as Cordoba or Rosario. We need to be alert to violent robberies and the general vulnerability of people. It is also necessary to inform yourself in advance about which areas of the city, especially at night, should be avoided.

In case of making use of a taxi verify that it is a registered and reliable company. Finally (and not least) we do not advise to bring valuables to view (mobile phones, tablet, photo cameras, etc.). These are the basic precautions we would have in every big city.

Argentina by bus
* How to change money in Argentina
Recently the strong devaluation of the official exchange rate, as well as the so-called Stock Exchange, have undergone modifications so that the trees no longer have a place in the country. This means that the official exchange rate and the blue exchange rate is no longer so disparate.

Usually, the best exchange is obtained at Banco Nación but it is no less true that you have to queue so you may be interested in buying Argentine pesos in the typical exchange houses that are in airports and tourist areas. The alternative is to use a credit card (beware of the Currency Exchange Commission that your bank applies to you). Using Bnext Cards is a good option.

Walkthrough Buenos Aires
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