Travel Beyond India With Sri Lanka Tourism

Sri Lanka is an amazing island that abounds with attractive beauty. Any other tourist destination has some great features like history, heritage, cultural attractions etc. But Sri Lanka houses all these monuments in abundance. Words and photographs do not explain the greatness that surrounds this island both within and outside its territory. I have been to the islands before but have never seen anything more enticing than Sri Lanka. The place is incredibly rich with the bounty of nature. Natural beauty gets multiplied with the amiable ambience and divine place. It is rightly named "country of smiling people" as when you visit the place it will take no time for you to know that you are smiling all the way through. Smile stretches through its unprecedented beauty.

It is very difficult for travelers like us to visit all the wonderful destinations of Sri Lanka at once because this island merges with so many interesting locations. When you land on this island, you want to visit them all like us. But it is advisable to select a Sri Lanka tour package that includes the most popular destinations. To make it an easy job, we are going to include some brief details about the destination of that you can include in your itinerary.

Colombo is a Paradise City on the island not only because it boasts amazing travel options but also because it stands as a national capital. The city is exquisitely adorned with enticing attractions. Apart from the glorious splendor of nature, the city is adorned with historical landmarks such as the Fort clock tower, Independence Hall Dutch time Museum, etc. The ancient fort is a heritage wonder that stands as a proud landmark of the island. It is also as popular as Colombo. Other attractions of this wonderful city include Dehiwala zoo, Mt Lavinia Beach and some breathtaking natural wonders.

Hikkaduwa is another wonderful city of the island that stands in an exotic setting along the southern coast of Sri Lanka. It is a joy for waterfowl. One can experience marine life at its finest with the glorious beaches of Hikkaduwa. Water sports and activities is another draw of the region.

Kandy is a Heritage Capital that houses the colonial glory of the past era. Kandy beautifies its landscape with Sri Lanka's sprawling tea gardens. It is because of these emerald tea plantations that Sri Lanka is recognized as the world's largest tea exporter.

Sinharaja National Forest Reserve is globally known for its residents for the rare and enchanting wildlife of the island. Gali is a city that includes exciting tourist attractions like peace temple, Gali Fort, senegama temple, Kalutara temple, etc. Arugambay, Adam's Peak, Bentota, Batticaloa, Beruwela, Dambulla, among other places on the island of Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is another place to consider for your vacation.
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