Turkey launches safe tourism certificate

Turkey has unveiled a health tourism rehabilitation program, which was launched at the beginning of the summer 2020 season.

The Protected Tourism Certificate, which is awarded under the leadership of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and works in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, includes a wide range of protection steps taken against travel, housing and sanitation standards for both hospitality workers and visitors.

This qualification, granted by foreign certification institutions, shows the application of high standards of health and health standards in airlines, airports (and other travel terminals), accommodation outlets, and food and beverage services.

"As the Republic of Turkey, we act with a sense of duty to ensure that our people and visitors feel happy during their stay.

It's almost a little Turkish hospitality, which translates to Welcome! we have always been guided by this philosophy, and we will continue to take the required steps that focus on principles in these extraordinary times."

The program ensures our latest certification that tourists can enjoy safe, balanced and comfortable holidays in Turkey throughout their stay.

We have worked hard to ensure that the package protects all aspects of the holiday experience in terms of safety and security measures.

In order to be eligible for the award, both travel and accommodation facilities must take precautions to ensure that visitors receive a safe holiday.

The safe tourism qualification system follows the announcement since the beginning of March that Britons travelling to Turkey for leisure or business will now be allowed a visa-free visit for up to 90 days every 180 days. This summer will be the first season without visa restrictions for British visitors.

The latter accreditation system consists of four main components: passenger health and safety, workers' health and safety, building precautions and transport precautions.

The passenger's health and well-being ensures the safety of visitors from check-in time before check-out. Precautions include providing goggles for passengers and not enabling passengers without a mask to reach terminals; checking body temperature at the entrance to terminals and periodically clearing terminal areas. If possible, guidelines have been developed for passengers in the "high risk" category in flight.

The health and well-being of employees require precautions to maintain the physical and emotional health of all transport, housing, food and beverage workers. Both workers were expected to undergo hygiene and sanitation training and be provided with health and health services. New patterns of health checks will be conducted in transition and routine, and social assistance will be provided to staff where possible.

Both steps taken in laboratories and preventive measures taken to deter the spread of the disease. The credentials ensure that housing, food and beverage institutions have adopted and regulated interventions, including social spacing, communication and separation.

Measures and regulations relating to air, land and sea travel are dictated by transport precautions. Transport staff have completed hygiene and sanitation education and will be granted certificates of immunity before service. In addition to staff precautions, all transport vehicles will be sterilized and arranged to coincide with safe distance dimensions.
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