10 Common Myths About Traveling in India

People are bad.

This is a prevalent misconception connected with India. Poverty reigns in many areas of the world and it is not only linked to India alone. But that doesn't imply that India is a bad nation. We are a third-world nation and are rising slowly.

It would be absolutely unfair to mark India as a bad country. This is mostly because most films only represent the poorest regions of India, causing viewers think that India is below the poverty line.

Once a nation has deprived regions, but does this imply that they are poor? You will find several lush villas in India, which will leave you perplexed. Some of our citizens are poor in terms of wealth, but we are rich in our hearts. You will meet others here that you can treat as their own.

Traveling alone is risky

There is a preconceived notion that India is a risky place to travel. The reality is that India is somewhat different from the other nations, but that does not imply that it is dangerous. India is one of the safest destinations for holidays for the family and single trippers.

There's a story that the crime rate is strong in India and it's not healthy for women. This is truly ridiculous! As a feminist, I can assure you that India is a safe place for women. You don't have to think about protection here. But being vigilant is necessary, even in our homes, so keep that in mind.

The air is still warm

No, it's ridiculous! In India, we have a combination of seasons varying from cold winters to warm summers. We may not have snowfall like other European or American countries, but we do have nice winters that are not wet. If you visit India during the summer season it would surely be warm as it is near to the equator.

Although we have a lot of rainfall in various areas of the region. If you want to remain in a far cooler spot, there are plenty of hill stations in India where you can spend your holiday. The temperature varies from one state to another. So it's utterly ludicrous to assume that India is always hot.

Food is still spicy

Ok, not every Indian likes spicy cuisine. Some may love eating with loads of peppers, but not everyone is tolerant of spicy food. We Indians have various cuisines that are affiliated with different states. Some of our foods are spicy and some are soft.

Our foods are usually a blend of various tastes such as sour, soft, salty, and spicy. We assume that our body requires all these tastes and we integrate it into our diets. So, next time you visit India, try our multi-flavor delicacies.

Both Indian states are overcrowded

While we have a population of almost 1.2 billion, not all states are overcrowded everywhere. Only the metropolitan centers are crowded, while the agricultural areas are free of huge crowds.

The major tourism attractions are usually crowded to draw a huge crowd of visitors. If you like to keep away from the crowds, consider exploring isolated destinations where you can enjoy a quiet holiday.

You can visit India during low season when the number of visitors is low and also you can visit areas in a quiet way. Being busy is a plus, you will encounter a lot of new people and even find a lifetime mate!

India is disgusting

We have a famous saying in our country, " purity is beside godliness." Not all our highways are filled with trash and containers. Wow, you will notice roads that are dusty. But since it is a populous country, it is challenging to ensure cleanliness in all areas.

But we do our utmost to maintain a clean country. Many areas of our nation are extremely neat and are certainly the perfect place to explore. Never skip the opportunity to tour India and take us on your bucket list.

Everyone is vegetarian

When would racism disappear, we amaze! We offer chicken, beef, pork, fish and other edible, non-vegetarian dishes. But it is not correct that all Indians consume vegetarian delicacies. We have many citizens in our nation who consume all sorts of food.

We are happy that we have special non-vegetarian dishes that you cannot find in other nations. We have various faiths, race, and creed in our region, so we have different kitchens. Moreover, Indian delicacies are universally enjoyed by people around the globe.

Travelers are getting scammed

Each tourist destination has its own share of scams for holidaymakers. Before moving to a destination, it is prudent to learn about the fraud that prevails in that place. This is to prevent those circumstances in your own life.

As a tripper, you are always a candidate for fraud, no matter what nation you travel. It can only be stopped by being vigilant all the way. We Indians are also the victims of fraud when we visit other nations.

But it is not correct to believe that someone would mislead you on your journey to India. It is advisable to search the location where you are living or items you choose to purchase to deter fraud. I promise you, not all Indians try to con you.

Indians don't speak English

We Indians may have a different accent as they talk English, which may be attributed to the impact of our mother tongue. But it doesn't say we can't understand English well.

You will be shocked to hear that many of our people can understand languages other than English, such as French, Russian, Chinese, and many others. India is definitely a tourist-friendly country!

Travel is costly

India is one of those countries where you can fly with a minimal budget. It is considered one of the greatest value destinations in the country. If you check prior to your tour, you can book flights and hotels at fair rates. You will find several budget-friendly lodges and dorms to stay in India.

If you are traveling alone or with a friend, you may select this form of stay. Guests will dine in several local shops under Rs.50 in many parts of India. You will find several public modes of transport that you can use to get across the world. So traveling to India is certainly cheap.
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