5 Most Common Problems Brits Experience in Spain

There are several places around the world to pick from. One of the interesting countries to explore is Spain. This diverse country is a favorite tourism destination with various citizens around the world. British, for example, want to fly to Spain since it is situated in Europe and it boasts its historical history, rich community, tasty food, lively nightlife and welcoming electorate.

However, Spain is not flawless. It has a lot of problems, particularly when it comes to safety and protection. Barcelona, for example, is considered a hot spot for pickpockets and robbers. In reality, a new survey of CompareTheMarket.com reveal that British visitors going on holiday in Spain were more likely to lose their phones or suffer from food poisoning.

Of the 8,000 tourists, they questioned, one in four visits by British citizens had a crisis, like missing money, food poisoning, or stolen phones. Here are the biggest challenges British face in Spain.

1. Street Pickpockets

The chances of thieves stealing your cell phone, wallet and bag are high in Spain, particularly in Barcelona. There are several approaches to draw pickpockets in the region such as struggling with bulky baggage, being misplaced, handbags, carrying a map or concentrating on the tourist spots and not your belongings.

Pickpockets are rampant in busy streets and tourist spots, rendering the country a travel concern. So if you are flying to Spain, make sure you take good care of your belongings. Don't show off your computers, phones or gadgets. Finally, make sure you have legitimate and secure travel insurance. This insurance will shoulder or replace missing or stolen products.

2. Crime

There is a strong crime rate in Spain, as in other nations. However, much of the offences perpetrated are petty, such as stealing, pickpockets, sporadic robberies and aggressive assaults.

Travelers should reduce the risk of being the target of being careful while walking through the streets, particularly in busy tourist spots and train stations. In addition, extra currency, passports and credit cards must be secured in hotel safes. Go out to visit the city with only your basics - your cell phone, a little money and video.

Finally, never leave your valuables unattended at any moment. Tourists are robbers ' favorite targets because they realize you have money in you. So being vigilant is a must in Spain.

3. Heat and Climate

Spain can be really hot and humid. For older adults and small children, it is hydrated and ventilated remain essential. Avoid lying in the heat for extended stretches of time. In addition, make sure you rest between tours to restore control.

Heatstroke is a serious illness that may lead to possibly catastrophic complications. It is also necessary to avoid your temperature from becoming too high. Bring water, towels, and drinks for the tours.

4. Scams of all sorts

When you say fraud, Spain has all manner of fraud. Tourists, including pickpockets, are the preferred targets of scammers since they are gullible and quick to persuade. It is important to remain alert and conscious all the time, particularly while you are shopping or merchandise.

You may be a survivor of scams without ever understanding it. Scammers are everywhere from taxis and hotels to small stores and the sidewalks. Make sure you are secure, and you have access to assistance when the need occurs. Until traveling to Spain, you must have a valid travel policy or annual travel insurance.

5. Terrorism

In recent years, Spain has been the victim of extremist attacks. Well, several other countries in Europe are also targeted. To stop becoming a suspect, be very cautious and avoid areas that are really busy. Avoid walking alone at night and always register your name in the embassy before you launch your itinerary.

In addition, be advised about travel threats provided by the authorities. If they claim it's not safe, don't continue with the itinerary. It's safer to be careful than sorry in the end.

Spain is a lovely nation that has too much to come. Although it is not flawless and its association for pickpockets and criminals around the globe is well established, there are plenty of other wonderful aspects that make the nation special and one of the better options to remain throughout the holidays.
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