7 Best Things To Do (and To Visit) During Your Holidays in Tuscany

The most scenic places to enjoy after a holiday in Tuscany

Tuscany is commonly considered as the Pearl of Italy. Located on the west coast of Italy, on the Tyrrhenian Sea, is the most famous and breathtaking holiday destination for those who decide to fly in Italy and explore the Italian beauty.

Tuscany is recognised all over the world for its unique scenery, the Tuscan hills and their unique cypresses. In Tuscany you can even sample the real Italian dishes and find one of the most popular wines in the world: the Chianti.

Tuscany is also abundant in art and culture, and in every Tuscan city you can discover masterpieces of architecture. The provinces of Siena and Lucca are full of medieval towns, where you can also locate several fortresses and castles. Florence and Pisa are rich in Renaissance and heritage of the monuments, the most magnificent churches of Italy, the Duomo cathedral of Florence, the Duomo of Pisa, popular for its leaning tower.

There is too much for visitors to see and do in Tuscany, but not enough time to do it all. To make the most of your holiday in Italy, we will mention the 7 best places you should visit and do during your holiday in Tuscany.

1) Visit Pisa and explore the city (and its Leaning Tower))

The Leaning Tower of Pisa is arguably the most prominent (and most photographed) Italian landmark, after the Colosseum of Rome. Yet Pisa is more than the Leaning Tower. Pisa is an international capital, well planned to attract visitors from all over the world. This is well-connected to the major Tuscan towns, through local means of transport, and private transfers, and the rest of the country, thanks to its International Airport, this city is definitely the best choice if you're searching for a place to host your holiday.

The historic center of Pisa, it is also rich in monuments and heritage that you may take a walking tour in italy, finishing with a visit to Piazza dei Miracoli (Miracle Square), where you are in the Duomo of Pisa to enjoy, with its famed leaning tower, and the beautiful St.John baptistery.

2) wine sampling in Chianti

The most fashionable spot to experience an exclusive wine tasting is definitely the Chianti region, which is very popular for its world-famous red wines.

On a wine tour in the Chianti you will find lovely villages surrounded by vineyards and olive trees. In these villages you can sample Tuscan and Super Tuscan wines in local cellars. here you will find true Italian wines that you cannot find anywhere because local productions are small in quantity and you can only sample them if you travel there.

In Summer, Wine Tasting is organized directly in the vineyards, under the Tuscan Sun.

3) visit Lucca: a jump back into Tuscan culture

Lucca is another famous spot to visit in Tuscany. Here you will see medieval houses and several churches that are just amazing. The Roman amphitheatre in Lucca is around 1900 years old and merits a tour. The city center is entirely enclosed by a brick wall that was erected in the 16th century, and you can stroll around the top of the wall, which is around 4 km. Lucca is believed to provide some of the finest meals in Tuscany, such as the Tortelli Lucchesi. The Tortelli Lucchesi is a homemade pasta stuffed with seasoned beef and a hard meat-loaded ragù that is highly rich in flavor.

4) explore Siena, the capital of Palio

Siena is one of the most famous and visited cities in Tuscany, a city that is rich in medieval history, and the arts. It is popular for its Palio di Siena which takes place twice a summer in the famous Piazza del Campo. The historic center of Siena, also identified by UNESCO as a World Heritage site, is constructed around this square, which was designed as a piece of art in complete harmony with the surrounding hills.

Siena is also renowned for its distinctive small streets and alleys, surrounded by brick houses.

If you're well and fit enough, then it's a fine idea to go to the top of Siena's tall clock tower and have some extraordinary views of the city and the Piazza Del Campo below. The Siena citizens are really friendly and in this city you can breathe the true Italian environment.

On a walk-in Siena you should not skip the chance to explore a small town nearby: San Gimignano, also regarded as the "Manhattan of the Renaissance" because of its 13 medieval towers.

5) discover Montalcino, the birthplace of Brunello wine

The medieval town of Montalcino has been renowned all over the world for its infamous wine, the "Brunello di Montalcino".

Montalcino is situated on a hilltop, and on top of the settlement, there is a medieval castle with pentagonal plan walls constructed by the Sienese architects Mono Foresi and Domenico di Feo.

Walking along the cobbled narrow streets of the city center, you will see several "Enoteca" (wine repository) and nearby cellars, mentioning that this is the birthplace of Tuscan wines.

Of course, you cannot visit Montalcino without a wine sampling experience, which should also involve tasting of local dishes such as cheeses and salumi. A professional local guide will encourage you to visit only the best wineries in the region.

6) explore Volterra, one of the most fascinating cities in Tuscany

Volterra is a busy city situated in the PISA area, not far from Siena, Florence and the sea. Volterra is known for its Etruscan origin and also the many ruins from that time, such as the beautiful Roman theatre. At the peak of the city you will enjoy the Medici castle, a real marvel of medieval architecture. The enigmatic environment of Volterra influenced the writer Stephanie Meyerthe in her popular novel "New Moon", which was rendered in the film of the famous saga "Twilight".

Volterra is also renowned for its alabaster manufacturing, in reality on the way to the city you can appreciate those clay hills where there are several alabaster quarries. Alabaster is commonly used by local artisans to make exquisite crafted objects.

If you are searching for an unusual tour in Tuscany, you can definitely explore Volterra and explore all its beauties.

7) visit Florence, The Heart of Tuscany

Last but not least, we have Florence, which is one of the most significant highlights of your stay in Tuscany.

You must enjoy the sights of Florence for at least a few days. There are many items to see and do in the Tuscan city.

In this city you can find architecture, museums, temples, as well as fruit, wine and Bella Vita (shopping paths, bars, cafè, disco). Declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1982, is the finest expression of architecture, culture, and lifestyle in Tuscany.

A guided tour of Florence will encourage you to visit the most important places without wasting time. You can explore the medieval center, the unique Ponte Vecchio across the River Arno, you can visit the Uffizi Gallery and the Accademia Gallery, where the original statue of Michelangelo's David has been restored.

Each day's trip in Florence could involve a visit to the Duomo of Florence, named after Santa Maria del Fiore.

A holiday in Florence is also a perfect chance to enjoy a hands-on culinary workshop, with wine drinking experience, when living in a luxurious villa in the heart of Florence.
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