Traveling to Freedom

Summer is coming and change is in the breeze! Summer is a period many people schedule vacations meant for distant countries. Sometimes the aim of these trips is to enjoy a feeling of independence and harmony, to communicate with family and friends or to meet the great unknown of other cultures and nations. How fun it is to abandon the everyday grind of college, education, and activities of life and move into new and interesting environments! Vacation is a way to free the mind and tap into a more spontaneous and intuitively guided existence. Our intuition is increased when we have more room, time, and resources to listen closely to the guidance that is in our soul. Our higher self patiently awaits our invitation to link.

A mediation exercise that is included in our vacations allows us to be clearer and more focused in our lives whether closer or far from home. Lately, I've been capturing" mindfulness meditation "in my days next to my" sitting " exercise in the morning. Awareness of the current moment is the secret to a mindfulness practice. Holidays will allow us to access the moment-by-moment experience when something is fresh and different and we seem to be more involved in existence. When we are conscious and conscious of our surroundings, the noises surrounding us, and the movement in our head, in addition to our feelings and our atmosphere, we discover that who we really are is really none like it, but a far larger substance, like the void between the stars.

By practicing meditation, we learn who we are without our work, responsibilities, and personalities. Perhaps the dignity, happiness and attachment we pursue in vacation is truly open to us as an inward trip through the dimensions of our unseen selves. When we quiet the mind and open the core to the ever-present moment, we will tap into a paradise that goes beyond the most beautiful sunset. We communicate with ourselves, our hearts, and life with all the blessings and suffering that come as a part of life.

If you are traveling this summer, bear in mind the inspiration to go. Are you running away from some part of your life? Or are you moving to a more full and intuitive form of being? Holidays will renew a feeling of childlike innocence and adventure and enjoyment. Use the holiday as an opportunity to become more alive, free, and healthy, to bond profoundly with yourself and others, and to understand the beauty of various cultures and locations. Then put this present moment awareness back into your life's work or school and responsibility and obligation with sensitivity and presence and live an intuitively guided life.
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