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Whether you're traveling to the Caribbean as a family or with a group, want to immerse yourself in the culture and the local community, or want more solitude and autonomy than a resort can provide, renting a luxury Caribbean villa or a private home can be a terrific option to reserving a hotel. If the idea of renting a villa appeals to you but you're nervous about the operation, follow our experts' advice.

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Select the appropriate island. Most Caribbean destinations have villas for rent, but not all islands are made equal, and some are more known for the quantity and quality of their villas than others. “For example, Anguilla is quiet but has excellent food, while Saint Martin is more lively with bars and casinos,” says Heather Weps of the luxury villa reservation agency. Regional flights and ferries can add a lot of money to your holiday, so look for places like Turks and Caicos and St. Thomas, Puerto Rico, Barbados, Jamaica, Grand Cayman, and St. Martin that offer direct flights from the United States.

Find a reservation agent for a villa. Individual villa websites can be found on the internet, and some travelers prefer to rent directly from the villa owners. However, contacting a villa rental agency such as Luxury Retreats, Jamaican Villas by Linda Smith, Hideaways,, Villas of Distinction, or Wimco Villas is the most convenient option. Rental agents can not only book your villa but also meet you at your destination, assist with air travel, hire cars, find chefs, and organise tours, among other things. Linda Smith, for example, has lived in her clients' estates and can tell you everything from the wattage of light bulbs to the most delectable specialty.
Begin your villa hunt with a rough budget and a list of a few people who should not be compromised. "Unless you're looking for something last-minute or during peak weeks like Christmas," Whipps says, "there are enough big villa rentals to satisfy every collection of needs." Your checklist, according to Smith, should include the following items:
Beachfront or a hilltop with a panoramic view of the ocean
Kid-friendly elements include golf, tennis, or both.
Numbers of rooms
The number of king-size, double-sized, and single-sized beds, as well as beds and high-chairs
The total number of bathtubs and shower stalls
Internet access
Disabled electrical outlet
Babysitters, drivers, and masseuses are all available.

Let your reservation agent know if the layout of the villa is significant to you and your traveling companions. One-level properties, for example, can appeal to families with older travelers or small children, while couples may appreciate a villa with multiple "horns" for added privacy, according to Whipps. If you're traveling with another pair, find out if there are two master bedrooms that are similar in size. Mike Thiel, founder and chairman of Hideaways International, says, "You don't want to toss a coin to decide who gets the great scenic bedroom, or who should pay the extra for the privilege."

Consider booking a villa during the shoulder season to save money. The high villa season lasts from December 15th to April 15th, and you'll save roughly half the price if you book before or after these "magic weeks."
If you're planning a vacation, make your reservations as soon as possible. Some people wait for last-minute deals, but this might be problematic because the owners of the villas often use them themselves if they don't obtain a reservation. At the end of the summer, the majority of renters have purchased vacation villa insurance.
Don't be put off by the price; just do the math: On the night, villas may appear to be more expensive than hotels, but keep in mind that you receive all of the bedrooms for that one fee. According to Smith, the rent for villas, food, and alcoholic beverages can be significantly less expensive than hotels or resorts, and often nicer, "plus you get the entire pool to yourself." According to Smith, a modest hut in Jamaica can cost up to $ 1,900 a week, while a magnificent mansion can cost up to $ 25,000.

One of the biggest advantages of renting a villa over a hotel is the privacy component. Nothing beats getting everybody under one roof on holiday with your kin, rather than spread out around the hall, according to Whips. "Parents appreciate being able to put their kids to bed and still enjoy an evening by the pool or in the hot tub," she says. Determine how much you're worth and adjust your flight accordingly.
If you don't want to do anything, head to Jamaica, Barbados, or Saint Lucia, where practically every rental villa has a cook and a maid. You only have to pay for the food. "Choose the privilege of having your own chef, butler, room maid, laundry, and gardener to ditch your pool and set fire to the beach for the sake of no extra income," Linda Smith advises. Look for a villa with a long staff: "The happier and better the personnel are," Thiel adds.

The Riviera Maya is a great place to go if you want to go to the beach. Several villa owners are already conducting deals to entice guests who are concerned about the swine flu and security.
Smith suggests inquiring about your agent's value-added services (which are mostly provided at no cost): When I get off the plane, who will be there to greet me? Do they follow me through customs and immigration? Is a licensed and insured driver from my agent transporting us to our villa? Is he going to give cold drinks on the way? Who will greet us when we arrive at the villa? Will they be aware that we are on our way? What will happen with the meals? Is it possible to have lunch when we arrive? Is there a local property management company and a 24-hour concierge service available through my agent to handle any issue, from sunburn to missing passports? "Have you already seen and lived in this house?" is the most critical question.
Don't be scared to demand a fair price. Stiles Bennett, Wimco's vice president of marketing and sales, says, "You have nothing to lose by asking what you want." "Ask if the villa rental firm can include a bottle of wine as a welcome present, question about villas that include free car rental, and question if you can receive a complimentary airport shuttle." Vacationers who rent from Wimco in St. Barts, for example, receive a food card with a 10% discount at select restaurants.

Bennett adds that request rates "collapse." "Just because a three-bedroom villa is advertised does not mean you have to pay for three," he explains. "Vacationers should always ask about collapse rates, which allow you to pay only for the bedrooms you need. You also get the advantages of renting a larger villa, such as larger living rooms, kitchens, swimming pools, and patios, but at a lower cost "..
Thiel says that many first-time villa renters come from a beachfront villa background, but hillside villas in the Caribbean are always preferable because they have less bugs, better breezes, and better views. Before booking a beachfront villa, find out how long it takes to walk or drive to the best beaches.

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