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 Malaysia gained independence from British sovereignty on August 31, 1957, and is located in Southeast Asia, bordering Thailand to the north and Singapore to the south. Malaysia, with a population of 23.5 million people (58 percent Malays, 24 percent Chinese, 8% Indians, and 10% others), is a melting pot of cultures and customs. Malaysia is unusual in that all of these different faiths live side by side in peace and cooperation.

"What is there to do in Malaysia?" you may wonder. Malaysia provides natural wonders like as tropical rainforests and scuba diving, as well as a shopping paradise in all of the country's main towns and friendly residents. Whatever you choose to do, from lounging on a hotel sofa to adventurous experiences, Malaysia offers it everything.

Having said that, I'll now list the key trips that you should make in order to complete your vacation (in no particular sequence):

The Petronas Twin Towers are Malaysia's highest structures.

The Petronas Twin Skyscrapers are the world's tallest twin towers, standing at 452 meters (1483 ft). The towers are joined by a skybridge and have 88 stories and 32000 windows. You must make a reservation to visit the skybridge, which offers a spectacular perspective over Kuala Lumpur. The towers were featured in the Sean Connery and Caterine Zeta Jones film Entrapment. Take a walk around the KLCC park (20 hectares or 50 acres) next to the towers and shop at the Suria KLCC situated within the towers while you visit the towers.

Pinang is a small island off the coast of Malaysia (Penang Island)

Penang, dubbed the "Pearl of the Orient," is famed for its natural beauty and diverse history. Penang, a lively island in northern Malaysia, boasts a wide range of culture, people, and cuisine inside its 285 square kilometer enclave. Within a five-minute walk, you'll discover churches, Chinese temples, Indian temples, and Muslim mosques, all of which are culturally varied. Colonial structures still remain and are being restored to their former beauty on a regular basis. When visiting the Pearl of the Orient, you must try the plentiful hawker cuisine, enjoy a boat ride (particularly at night), and walk along the Batu Ferringi beaches.

Island of Sipadan

Sipadan is a world-class diving destination located in the north-eastern section of Borneo Island. This 12-hectare island is surrounded by white sand beaches. The island is 650 meters above sea level and was produced by an underwater volcano. Sipadan is known for its coral wall, unusual reef species, and the presence of sea turtles on a daily basis. If you are a diver, you will not want to miss this location.

Islands of the East Coast

A plethora of lovely white sand beaches may be found on Peninsular Malaysia's east coast. To get away from the rush and bustle of the city, go to the east coast, throw on a sarong, grab a coconut, and relax while listening to the waves pound. Islands like Perhentian, Tioman, and Redang are known for excellent diving locations and family getaways out at sea.

Highlands of Cameron

Malaysians and tourists alike go to this location, which is 1800 meters above sea level, to escape the tropical heat. In 1885, a British surveyor called William Cameron found the Cameron Highlands. The highlands are reminiscent of England, with ancient English inns, chalets, and bungalows still standing. Hiking in the mountains and jungles, tea plantations, fruit and vegetable farms, flower nurseries, and meeting the locals are all popular activities in Cameron Highlands. If golf is your thing, Cameron Highlands offers two courses to choose from.

Monkeys called Proboscis

Proboscis monkeys, who only live on Borneo Island, have the longest nose of all primates. The explanation for the enormous nose, which may be up to 17.5cm long, is unclear. The pot belly of this one-of-a-kind species is another distinguishing trait. The IUCN Red List classifies the proboscis monkey as an endangered species. Seeing these animals in their native environment is certainly worth the trip.

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